Research IT Infrastructure Development Group

In the IT Infrastructure group we create software and services for supporting researchers who are dealing with Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers. Some of the key components of our infrastructure:


Fastr is a pipeline framework for creating consolidated quantitative image processing pipelines. There is a strong emphasis on usability, reproducibility and provenance. It is an open source software written in Python and released under the Apache 2.0 license. The fastr documentation is good place to start learning about how Fastr can be beneficial to your image processing problems. You can check the code on


StrongR StrongR is a novel way for enabling elastic scaling of batch processing in the cloud, allowing pipeline frameworks to exploit the benefits of cloud computing. Unlike traditional cloud-based setups, where one would deploy a static, temporary cluster, StrongR allows you to be truly elastic: it will create worker nodes when processing power is required, and shut them down when not enough work is available. In this case, cloud resources are only allocated when they are really used. Furthermore, it allows the upscaling of the processing whenever there is more demand for computational power. Finally, StrongR can interface with multiple cloud providers, allowing users to do processing in the cloud of their choice. StrongR is developed by Erasmus MC in BBMRI-NL2.0 WP3.




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